Who is an Examiner?

  • An individual passionate about  helping New Mexico become the State of Excellence
  • An individual with working sector knowledge (business, education, health care, government, non-profit)
  • An individual with job experience that covers topics in most all seven Baldrige Criteria categories
  • An individual with a reputation for ethical conduct and integrity
  • An individual who can undertake a temporary ‘project’ and create a ‘unique product’ for Organizations
  • An individual willing to commit personal time (approximately 110 hours)
  • An individual who attends the required training 
  • An individual experienced with team work, contributing equally in effort and meeting required deadlines
  • An Official Member of the NMPEA Board of Examiners

What are the Responsibilities of an Examiner?

  • Attend training on the Baldrige Framework for Excellence® and a 2-day training session on the Project process
  • Adhere to the Ethics, Code of Conduct, Confidentiality policies and disclose any Conflicts of Interest
  • Evaluate an Organization’s written Self-Assessment including:
  • Review, develop key factors, prepare written comments, determine scores,
  • participate in team consensus meetings and site visit,
  • prepare a written Feedback Report on strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • participate in the Executive Briefing to clarify comments and offer additional feedback

What are the Benefits of being an Examiner?

  • Professional development at its best! 
  • Professional challenge that expands knowledge base, enhances effectiveness, sharpens skills
  • A key role in making New Mexico ‘the State of Excellence’ 
  • Knowledge and application of the Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence®
  • Networking opportunities with other professionals
  • Experience that adds value to your own organization
  • Exposure to best practices
  • Résumé builder 
  • Public recognition of service 

Why would my employer support this?

  • Examiners are able to see their Organization in a different light;
  • Examiner knowledge and experience can be applied to benefit the organization;
  • Examiners understand the value and mechanics of consensus building
  • Examiners are exposed to best practices;
  • Examiners are knowledgeable in the application of the Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence®
    • Your Employer will be recognized as an Organization supporting New Mexico’s quest to be ‘the State of Excellence’ in accordance with Executive Order 2012-003

Become An Examiner

Becoming an Examiner is a great way to contribute to New Mexico and grow as a professional!  We are looking forward to having you serve as a member of the 2018 Board of New Mexico Performance Excellence Award Examiners!