Success Stories




New Mexico MVD receives 2015 Roadrunner Recognition

Nor Lea Hospital District receives 2015 Roadrunner Recognition


Payroll Services Dept Sandia National Laboratories receives 2015 Piñon Recognition

Molina Healthcare of New Mexico receives 2015 Piñon Recognition


LifeROOTS Inc. receives 2015 Piñon Recognition

Accounting Services Department of Sandia National Laboratories receives 2015 Pinon Recognition


Grace Church receives 2015 Pinon Recognition

Public Health Division NM Dept of Health receives 2015 Pinon Recognition


Revenue Processing Bureau NM Tax & Revenue Dept receives 2015 Pinon Recognition



As a result of completing QNM's Adobe Assessment and feedback process, Farmington Municipal Schools generated almost a half-million dollars in reduced operational costs, reshaped our professional development programs, and expanded the use of data to drive instruction. - Gene Schmidt, Superintendent Farmington Municipal Schools