NM Organizations Honored with New Mexico Performance Excellence Awards

ALBUQUERQUE.   Quality New Mexico is proud to announce the complete group of 2017 New Mexico Performance Excellence Awards (NMPEA) recipients. The NMPEA is a multi-tiered assessment and awards process assisting New Mexico organizations along their path to achieving and sustaining performance excellence. Performance Excellence reflects being role models in customer and employee satisfaction and engagement, sound operational management, innovation, and favorable results. Level 1 Adobe, Level 2 Piñon and Level 3 Roadrunner Awards are ‘key stages’ to achieving the pinnacle of performance and earning the prestigious ‘Zia Award’. 


Roadrunner (Progress) Level reflects that the recipient demonstrates progress in building sound and systematic processes and attaining improved outcomes. The 2017 Roadrunner Award Recipients are:

  • San Juan Regional Medical Center, Farmington
  • New Mexico Philharmonic, Albuquerque
  • Del Norte Credit Union, Santa Fe


Piñon (Commitment) Level reflects that the recipient is in the early stages of using systematic processes and data to attain improved overall outcomes.  The 2017 Piñon Award Recipients are:

  • Albuquerque Community Foundation, Albuquerque
  • Hidalgo Medical Services, Lordsburg
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory Policy Office, Los Alamos


Adobe (Foundation) Level reflects that the recipient has defined its key characteristics including its mission and vision, its customer and workforce segments and requirements, its competitive environment, and its strategic challenges and advantages.  The 2017 Adobe Award Recipient is:

  • Cibola General Hospital, Grants


All Award Recipients will be formally recognized at the 2018 Quality New Mexico Learning Summit & New Mexico Performance Excellence Awards Ceremony, April 17 & 18 at Isleta Resort & Casino. 


New Mexico organizations that want, and are open to, feedback on their overall performance submit a self-assessment to Quality New Mexico for an in-depth review, site visit, and written feedback from a team of volunteer Examiners.  Modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Quality New Mexico’s NMPEA process is based on the time-tested Baldrige Excellence Framework® and its Criteria to guide and improve overall performance. To-date Quality New Mexico has recognized close to 800 New Mexico organizations with 14 having achieved the Zia Award, and three having achieved the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award.


Quality New Mexico’s mission is to “Drive Performance Excellence in New Mexico.” The non-profit, 501(C)3 provides services of training, assessments, coaching, facilitations, a best practice Learning Summit and public recognition to those who have achieved various levels of performance excellence.  For additional information about Quality New Mexico or the 2018 Learning Summit (including a link to the registration page), visit www.qualitynewmexico.org or contact Quality New Mexico at 505-944-2001.

Quality New Mexico updates on the 2018 New Mexico Performance Excellence Awards and other products and services

Good morning, everyone.  We are extremely excited to share with you the results of the work of our process improvement teams related to our products and services for 2018.  Whether the relationship that we have with you or your organization is new, ongoing, or in need of rekindling, our products and services have been updated and expanded to meet your needs!

First, with respect to the New Mexico Performance Excellence Awards ("NMPEA" - our state Baldrige Performance Excellence Program), which has been and continues to be our core business, the 2018 materials are available for you to download, review, and consider.  Here are the key links:

2018 NMPEA Guidelines (for applicants to get feedback on how they can improve their performance), and
2018 NMPEA Examiner Application (for those of you interested in serving as an Examiner, gaining analytical as well as quality-related skills as well as providing you and your organization with outstanding personal and professional development opportunities).  The dates and locations for Examiner Training have been set for May and June; and we are thrilled that we'll be offering training in Farmington, Roswell, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque.  If you plan on submitting your Examiner application, click here to let us know which Examiner training dates/locations will work for you.  

We also offer custom and public training, coaching, and facilitation services to meet your needs at any stage of your "Performance Excellence Journey."  Our website has updated information on these offerings:  http://www.qualitynewmexico.org/services/

Finally, there is our nationally-recognized Quality New Mexico Learning Summit and NMPEA Ceremony, which will be held in Albuquerque at the Isleta Resort & Casino on April 17th and 18th.  This Conference will be even more significant because we will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary!  We have much to share with you about the specifics of the Learning Summit, including on-line registration, so that will be communicated to you in a separate e-mail later this week.

Ultimately, the "improvements" that we have made for 2018 will be determined by you, our current and potential customers; but our expectations are quite high that you will not just be satisfied but delighted!

If you have any questions about our products and services or about any aspect of Quality New Mexico, please don't hesitate to contact me at 505-944-2003 or at jeff@quality-newmexico.org.

Thank you very much!


Jeff Weinrach, CEO
Quality New Mexico