Get Started: New Mexico Performance Excellence Awards


Recognition Levels

Level 1 Adobe Assessment: Organizational Profile

  • the Adobe is an assessment on your Profile
  • Profiles can be developed for the organization as a whole, for a location, division, department, program, project
  • your Profile is the foundation - who it is -what it does -what it wants to achieve
  • the Adobe provides a written Feedback Report highlighting strengths and opportunities for improvement and includes a meeting with the assigned Examiner/staff for further insight 
  • your 5-page Profile is developed by responding to the related questions in the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence 
  • your Profile sets the stage for your 'excellence journey' 
  • your Profile is the beginning of your NMPEA application and is required 
  • any sector, any size organization is eligible to receive an Adobe Assessment whether or not it's been a previous applicant in the NMPEA
  • QNM provides training to develop your Profile (see schedule) 

Level 2 Piñon 

  • the organization must show evidence that it is in the beginning stages of identifying and using systematic processes and collecting data to reflect early results in areas of most importance 
  • the organization describes its approaches for and deployment of its key operational processes, identifies its evaluation and improvement activities or processes, and shows some early coordination among organizational units. 
  • such organizations have started their performance excellence journey and through their efforts can see longer-term benefits

Level 3 Roadrunner 

  • the organization demonstrates, through commitment and implementation of quality principles, substantive progress in building sound and systematic processes. 
  • greater alignment of its approaches exists with some evidence of consistent deployment throughout the organization 
  • processes are repeatable, regularly evaluated for improvement, and learnings are shared 
  • coordination exists among organizational units, and results show improvement trends with comparisons in areas of importance

Level 4 Zia Award

this level carries the most stringent requirements of performance excellence

  • the organization must demonstrate through its practices and achievements the highest level of performance 
  • the operation’s approaches are integrated; processes are repeatable and regularly evaluated for improvement; efficiencies are achieved; processes and measures track progress on key operational and strategic goals
  • results are presented in terms of performance levels, trends, and comparative data and are in place for most areas of importance

The Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award 

  • is considered the highest level of national recognition for performance excellence that a US organization can receive
  • to be eligible to apply at the national level:
    • organizations must first attain their state's highest level of achievement (Zia) 
    • meet other specific critieria from the national program

Two New Mexico organizations have achieved the national award: 

  • 2009 Veterans Affairs Cooperative Studies Program Clinical Research Pharmacy Coordinating Center (non-profit category)
  • 2000 Los Alamos National Bank (business category)

2017 Intent to Submit

Submissions are accepted on a seasonal basis. Right now, we aren't accepting applications. If you're interested in being considered for next year's award season, please let us know. We'll contact you with an application as it is available. 

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